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General information:

On the following pages you will find a huge selection of chairs of all kinds for indoor and outdoor areas, wooden and metal tables, bar stools, table bases, etc. The product range at karekles .com is aimed at a wide variety of professional establishments in the HO.RE.CA. sector. Examples of some of the categories of client with whom we collaborate are mentioned below:
  Hotels   Nightclubs   All kind of Ships
  Café / Bar / Bistrot   Conference Centers   Public Services
  Restaurants   Architects / Designers   Theatres / Cinemas
Colour Finishes - Upholstery:

In the case of wooden chairs only, the vast majority can be delivered unvarnished and without upholstery if so requested.

Naturally though, we have special teams who can varnish and upholster chairs in any type of fabric, leather or artificial leather on request.

Chairs can also be upholstered in fabric provided by the customer.

Delivery time:

There are many products that our company keeps permanently in stock.

The delivery time for these products is between two (2) and three (3) working days from the date the order is finalized.

Otherwise, when, that is, the item is not in stock, delivery time ranges from 20 to 45 days, depending on the manufacturing facilities and the particular features of each product.

Order - Advance Payment:

To complete and finalize an order, a deposit is required, which is equivalent to 40% of the total value of goods ordered.

Delivery methods:

We undertake to ship and deliver the goods to the buyer’s premises at no extra cost, if they are located within the Attica Prefecture. Otherwise, shipment of goods is handled by a transport company and transportation costs are the exclusive responsibility of the buyer.

Methods of payment:

Amounts payable in respect of down payments or final settlement of orders can be deposited in one of the following bank accounts belonging to our company. The deposit slip remains in the possession of the depositor and is proof of payment of money to the company.

Bank Accounts:

Name of Bank:   Account holder:
Account number:   IBAN
BIC: XX, acknowledging the needs of professionals in the fields of restaurants and tourism, collects and presents to all its friends & customers various useful tips and advises about Restaurants, Cafeterias, Hotels, etc.


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