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ΣΧΕΔΙΑΣΤΗΣ: “Jaroslav Juřica”
Jaroslav Juřica was born in 1980. During his Bachelor product design studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno University of Technology, he became interested in products as objects and searched for their functional principles. He completed his Masters studies at the School of Design by the Swedish Lund University.

In 2008, he worked in the Dutch Demakersvan studio and in the autumn of the same year he attended the S.T.A.R. Design programme (Space and Terrestrial Architectural Research) organised in collaboration with the NASA Johnson Space Centre in Houston. There he designed the MotylBox concept - a tool storage system for geological Moon surveys.

In 2010, he graduated at sculpting with professor Michal Gabriel at the Faculty of Fine Arts where he created, among other things, the +20% Extra object.

The work made it to the finals of the Global Warming competition organised by the Dutch Droog Design foundation.
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