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The bentwood company
KAREKLES.COM GREECE, is an authorized and
licensed distributor for Greece, of products
manufactured by the Czech company TON a.s.
The firm TON a.s. is one of the largest furniture manufacturing units for contract furniture in Europe.

It was founded in 1953 and with its substantial exports to America, Japan, Australia and Europe the company now holds a leading position in the specialized manufacture of chairs and tables for commercial spaces and catering establishments.

The firm’s products adorn thousands of world-renowned restaurants, hotels, and cafes and are always among the top choices for specialist interior designers worldwide.

It is no coincidence that most of the firm’s products are covered by an official 5-year factory warranty. The specific factory which makes wooden chairs is known all over the world for its innovative method of bending wood:

The wood is heated with steam to very high temperatures and is then able to bent into any shape without cracking. It is placed in special molds and once cooled, it will keep the initial shape it was given. The legendary chair THONET No 14. is still manufactured today in exactly the same way. In 1861 Michael Thonet laid the cornerstone for design of the production process for this legendary chair, code named No. 14, in the town Bystrice pod Hostynem in the Czech Republic. In early 1862, the first No. 14 chairs went into production. (See more information about these chairs).

Watch the video filmed inside the TON factory, showing the entire production process, from the initial cuttting of the wood up to the final automated finishing with state-of-the-art robotic precision machinery.

Also see the impressive way in which chunks of solid beech wood are bent without breaking!

Click on the video to the left.

• TON’s Quality Certifications
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