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The bentwood company
Merano Stuhl / Chair
Der Stuhl Merano verbindet die Unterkonstruktion aus Massivholz mit den harmonischen Formen der gebogenen Furnierplatte der Sitzfläche und der Lehne. Durch das angewendete Herstellverfahren ist er sehr leicht und enthält keine Schrauben oder Metallteile.
Barstool 811 by TON
New bentwood design from TON. Amazing colors. Furniture for every place.
New arrivals - July 2019
Brand new collection.
Chair Butterfly
Amazing blue color for your Butterfly chair.
Chair Spider
A metal chair upholstered chair for outdoor use. 
Available in various colors.
Chair Aegean
A unique aluminium chair that inspires safety and warmth embracing the user.
Many of our most popular products are available as 2D and 3D computer models. Designers and architects are welcome to download and use our models for convenient and realistic rendering of their projects. Download all models.
Chair Box
Find out the collection with outdoor use polypropylene chairs. Certified chairs, armchairs and tables by Catas for unlimited resistance to outdoor conditions.
Cross collection
Wooden outdoor - Cross collection
Summer 2019
Showcases and Cabinets
See the fantastic series of furniture with showcases and cabinets.
For every place.
Couch and decoration
New collection with metal upholstered couch, coffee table and deco in brown.
Chair Donna
A metal chair in various colors.
2Pouf Collection and cushions for the sea.
Kitchen Furniture
Kitchen furniture. English style.
Lion Restaurant Roma
2019 - Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Shortlist / International Colour
LION (Rome, Italy)

ESPA: Tourism - Catering
ESPA Program for Catering and Tourism.
Scandi Design
The trend that first started in Sweden was loved because it blends clean lines and functionality with aesthetics. Pastel and bright colors complete this particular style like a clever game between space and surface.
Peacock Chair Rattan
New Rattan Peacock Chairs Collection

See new furniture designs for outdoor / indoor use.
Kitchen Renovation
Famous for Chairs
Loved for Custom Furniture Solutions
Contact us and get special offer for your kitchen furniture.
Best Price
Fabulous dining chair for home or a restaurant, hotel etc.

Chair Oceanis
A metal chair - armchair for homes or restaurants, cafes and hotels. Also available in brass color!
Best seller chair
Our best seller "Art" and "Linea" collection.
KAREKLES .COM is a specialist business enterprise exclusively active in interior fittings, and specifically in the provision of furniture for catering establishments and recreational areas (HO.RE.CA - restaurants, cafes, hotels, tavernas, clubs).

Our goal is always threefold:

•Top quality materials   •Refined aesthetics   •Competitive prices for the customer. has managed to establish itself as a driving force in the particularly demanding market for these highly specific products. Since the very first year of its operation, the company has created a long constantly growing list of satisfied customers., acknowledging the needs of professionals in the fields of restaurants and tourism, collects and presents to all its friends & customers various useful tips and advises about Restaurants, Cafeterias, Hotels, etc.
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